Faculty of Law: Lecturers Create Formative Assessments [GLAs support tasks]

Law lecturers are actively making use of iKamva for their formative assessment activities. They have used both the ‘Assignment’ and ‘Tests and Quizzes’ eTool within iKamva.

The iKamva platform can be used to set up formative assessment activities via the Assignments eTool, which allows students to upload and submit their work accordingly.

Application: Tutorial Exercises and Assignment tasks

Lecturer, Ashraf Booley created short 10 minute video and audio recording lectures related to the lesson content (CNT 301). These recordings were structured in different parts according to specific lesson themes and distributed within the ‘Course Resources’ eTool in iKamva. These lecture recording file sizes do not exceed 10 MB.

A tutorial exercise and two assignment tasks were also developed within this online module. Students were required to complete these assessment tasks and submit it online.

The Graduate Law Assistants (GLAs) Talumbe and Charne both were assigned to specific tutorial groups. Both GLAs who have access to the specific online environment have assisted the lecturer with the partial grading of assessments. The specific assignments have been downloaded by the lecturer and assessed. The graded assessments have been shared with students online after the lecturer has spent time to ‘Download All’ submissions, grading it offline and uploading the marks to students within the Assignment eTool.


Grading has been problematic for the GLA’s who have limited access to Data.

image (2)image (3)

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