Science Lecturer: Multimodal approach to reach students – iKamva, Narrated PPT, WhatsApp & Simulations

Lecturer Gavin Maneveldt has been making use of various teaching methodologies to enable his students to actively engage online.  These compromises of the following:

  1. Narrated PowerPoint Presentationsof lectures were uploaded to the course resources within iKamva.
  • The lecturer is cognisant of file sizes; hence his presentations were structured into manageable chunks. Students are able to download easily.
  1. Structured online environmentwith interactive lesson pages.
  • Weekly activities/tasks
  • A checklist per weekly activity that guides students through content and tasks
  • Embedded Learning Science simulations
  1. Dropboxfor student for to upload and share activities, within iKamva (private file sharing space between lecturer and student)
  1. Use of Cmap eTool for ‘practical’ tasks
  1. Rubricaligned to assignment/task submissions
  • Each submission will automatically be aligned to the rubric
  • Rubric guides the tutor in terms of grading; and the grades are saved
  • Total marks are calculated within the assignment against each criteria
  • Comments for each criteria can also be inserted to give student overall feedback for each section


6.  WhatsApp groupas an additional line of communication for any queries/questions related to the lecture content, for one (1) hour each day, immediately following the scheduled lecture times.

  1. Assignment linked to Turnitin featurewithin iKamva. Students are able to submit their essays, and receive generated Tii similarity reports (checking for plagiarism).
  1. The lecturer also intends to send a questionnaire to his students to ascertain whether they would prefer live online lectures; or pre-recorded lectureswhich they can watch in their own time.


 During this planning phase of remote teaching, learning and assessment, Lecturer Gavin Maneveldt has taken the time to explore modes of delivery; and especially taking note of file sizes, data usage, and access. ** Lecturer Gavin’s file sizes are not larger than 23.6 MB


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