Create a Custom Report: Select ‘Events’ to retrieve data in relation to student activity [Statistics Tool]

“The Statistics tool allows authorised users (typically instructors or site owners) to view site usage statistics and user activity events”


When retrieving statistics for users/students within an online environment in iKamva, it is best to create a ‘custom report’. ** It is best to select the ‘Events’ tool, reflecting student activity within the module.

Follow the steps below to create a custom report:

  • Click the Statistics toolin your module site,
  • Click the Report tabat the top
  • Under ‘My Reports’, Click ‘Add’ to create a custom report
  • Insert Title of Report
  • Under ‘What’:  make sure to select  ‘Events’ from the drop-down list
  • Tool Selection must be set to ‘All’
  • Select time period
  • Under ‘Who’: Select ‘Role’

○       Selecting ‘None’ you can retrieve students with no activity,

○       You can also select specific roles or individual students (Custom)

  • Under ‘Role’: Select ‘Student
  • Save Report
  • Click the custom title to generate the Report.


Application: EMS Lecturer creates custom report

EMS Lecturer (Management Department), Lucian Pitt was able to retrieve information of daily student activity. The lecturer was able to retrieve information: names, student numbers, event (‘content opened’); date; and total number of times the students accessed the folder.

In addition, the lecturer could view details regarding the student access of specific resources (course content).

Example, the lecturer is able to viewspecific resource (pdf document); access date; number of times the student accessed the resource [‘read’].


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