EMS Faculty: Online Sharing Meeting (Webinar)

The Deputy-Dean, Prof Gregory Ruiters organised and hosted an online sharing meeting, 23 April 2020. The session was well attended, hosting approximately 100 lecturers. The 4 presenters, namely: Prof Michelle Esau (Dean); Fiona Anciano; Juliet Stoltenkamp; and Karen Dos Reis. The speakers focused on various topics that will be shared on the EMS website.

CIECT’s presentation focused on the design and development of a basic well-structured interactive environment, in relation to:

  • Selection of eTools according to the discipline (topic);
  • Pedagogical value of the eTool; and
  • Authentic examples of the application by EMS lecturers [how the lecturers are making use of the eTools for content creation, communication and assessment].

The Director of CIECT thanked the lecturers across the EMS Faculty – who have engaged in online teaching and learning practices, for a long period of time (pre-#feesmustfall; and pre-covid-19). Hence EMS Faculty lecturers are continuing to build on their courses during this time. They contact the CIECT team for individual advisory and training sessions.

NB: View CIECT’s presentation highlighting how EMS lecturers are effectively making use of various eTools for learning, teaching and assessment practices. https://youtu.be/Ktnmqgour0g

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