Add the Statistics eTool to your online modules: Tracking user activity & generating reports

All lecturers have been advised to add the ‘Statistics eTool’ to their online modules. The statistics tool will enable them to track user activity within each module. Hence, they will be able to identify active and inactive students.

The Statistics eTool within iKamva records user activities. It allows authorised users (typically instructors, lecturers or site owners) to view site usage statistics and user/student activity events. These summary reports present a quick overview of site usage. The Statistics eTool initial overview page allows the lecturer to view a summary of user/tool activity information (e.g. Visits; Activity; Resources; and Lesson Page).

You will be able to create customised detailed reports to retrieve data for a specific day in relation to eTool/s; course resources; lessons; discussion topics; and user-role. Hence lecturers are able to monitor activity in a specific module.  A lecturer will have access to a student list (active students) – aligned to the type of report that you intended to generate. The report results can be exported as a PDF or Excel file.

How do I add the ‘Statistics eTool’ to my module?

  • Click on ‘site info’ within your module,
  • Click on ‘manage tools’,
  • Select/tick the ‘statistics eTool’, and
  • Click on continue to confirm your selection.



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