Dentistry lecturers design and develop interactive online lessons

Dentistry lecturers attended interactive Instructional Design workshops, conducted by the CIECT team. Prior to attending the workshop, the lecturers engaged with the Faculty Teaching-and-Learning Specialist to plan their curriculum. During the interactive workshops, lecturers within the Dentistry Faculty were able to design and develop their online environments within the Learning Management System, iKamva.

They were also introduced to the elements of an instructional strategy/plan to develop clear outcomes for a lesson; structuring of lessons and sub-units; embedding of learning material; and linking lessons to activities (forums, assignments and tests).

The online environments include the following aspects:

  • Structured lessons aligned to specific learning units of work,
  • Embedding an interactive learning guide,
  • Structuring of sub-pages for each topic within the specific learning unit,
  • Introductions and learning outcomes for each section,
  • Embedding learning material (documents, multimedia); and
  • Polls and other activities.

The design, development and quality assurance is a continuous process, whereby the lecturers relook at the way in which their content is presented; and how students interact according to their various learning needs. The lecturers discuss, peer facilitate and engage with each other, as well as consult with the Instructional Design team.

lesson 1lesson2lesson 3

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