CHS Faculty: Interactive online lesson design & development – for 4th year Dietetics students

Dietetics lecturer, Jill Wilkenson has collaborated with the CIECT team – to design and develop an interactive online environment for students currently engaged in the 4th year Module (Applied Community Nutrition, 402). The online environment has been carefully structured making use of iKamva’s Lessons tool.


Structured Lessons aligned to Module Topics

The course content was organised into various Lesson pages, which students are able to access throughout the academic year. The structured lesson begins with a module introduction, giving students an overview of the module content, teaching-and-learning approach (including self-directed learning); as well as a glossary of key terms. The module content was broken down into 7 key sections according to module topics.


Clinical Practicals: Alignment of specific practical outcomes & broad module outcomes

A section was structured for Clinical Practicals. Each section consisted of learning objectives, enabling students to see the alignment between activities and the overall module outcomes. This section gave students a breakdown of each of the 8 required practicals, including: practical session outcomes, time-frame, guidelines; and clear instructions for a reflective task at the end of each section.DIE402

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