EMS Faculty: Interactive Online Space for 1st Year Industrial Psychology Students

Industrial Psychology lecturer, Tolulope Balogun has created an interactive online environment for her 1st Year Industrial Psychology (IPS 131) students. After advisory sessions with the CIECT Instructional Designer, the ‘Interactive Space’ was collaboratively developed using iKamva’s Lessons tool.

The Lessons tool was scaffolded into sections according to the Chapters of the prescribed textbook. Learning Outcomes were provided at the start of each section, in order for students to familiarise themselves with the required objectives. This was supplemented with a checklist, which students could use to monitor their progress for the activities in each section. Multimedia resources such as YouTube Videos, reading material, and lecture slides, were embedded with each section.

In addition, students were expected to complete an online quiz at the end of each chapter of the textbook. The quizzes consisted of 10 Multiple-Choice questions, and students had 30 minutes to complete. Furthermore, students received feedback at a specific date after the test closed, whereby they were able to view the memorandum for the quiz against their own answer selection. Regular formative assessment such as this, allows both lecturers and students to monitor their learning progress, and also identify gaps in knowledge.

Contact the CIECT team to assist in setting up your Interactive Online Environment.


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