Arts Faculty: Geography lecturer creates interactive online environment for 1st year students

Lecturer Dr. Bradley Rink, has created an interactive online environment for his 1st year GES (Human Geography) 111 students. The online environment, created within the iKamva platform, makes use of several eTools to structure and embed relevant resources, and to assess students on course content.

Structured Lesson topics

The Lessons eTool was structured into 4 Parts, which were further divided according to weekly topics (scaffold approach) . The parts were released to students on a periodic basis. The weekly topics consisted of an introduction/overview and summary of key concepts and ideas. Students were also provided with links to required pre-lecture readings.

Online Assessments and Gradebook

Students were expected to complete a timed online assessment for the term. Prior to this assessment, students were provided with a practice test, created by the lecturer in order for the 1st year students to familiarise themselves with taking online assessments.

Grades for practical tasks and the online assessment were captured & calculated using the Gradebook tool. This allows students to view & monitor their individual and overall CAM during the course of the semester.

Announcements & Google Forms for surveys

The announcements eTool was used to communicate relevant course information to students. Furthermore, the lecturer created surveys using Google Forms, which were then provided as links to students via Announcements.


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