English 1st year students share opinion pieces and critically reflect on peer writing

Students engage in discussion forum: ‘Opinion pieces’

Arts Faculty lecturer, Susan Ntete in collaboration with the CIECT team have discussed the value of the Discussion Forum as a communication and assessment eTool. The English lecturer set up a discussion forum topic for the discipline, whereby first-year students were required to read a specific article and formulate opinion pieces.


Respond critically to a peer’s opinion piece

In addition, once students had shared their opinions, they were required to read their peers’ posts and select one post to which they would respond critically.

Structured task entails clear instructions: Instructional Design Principles

This specific task was structured within iKamva making use of basic Instructional Design principles. The task was broken into two manageable sections with detailed instructions discussed by both the lecturer and instructional designer prior to the task going live within the discussion forum.


Students require training on how to engage within the discussion forum

The Thintana Walk-in computer lab was booked in advance and the CIECT team guided the first-year students through the process of accessing, navigating and familiarising themselves with the iKamva online environment, with specific focus on the discussion forum. During the 45 minute hands-on session, students typed their own opinion pieces related to the article and then posted it within the discussion forum. As students shared their responses, the specific time and date of their response was recorded in iKamva.


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