Dentistry – Online Interactive Module Guide: Effective use of the ‘Lessons’ eTool

Dentistry lecturer Shoayeb Shaik developed an interactive module guide for his 4th year Dentistry students. The interactive guide was firstly developed paper-based by the lecturer, followed by an online process.  The CIECT team advised the lecturer regarding use of Instructional Design principles and the effective use of the ‘Lessons’ eTool, in order to design a structured online module guide.

The guide enables the student to work through specific units of work (content); and a related poll. Hence the student is expected to complete a poll, prior to moving to a new section/topic.

The online interactive module guide includes:

  • Learning outcomes
  • Learning content
  • Assessment [theoretical and clinical]
  • Rubric aligned to the assessment tasks
  • Homework
  • Tutorials
  • Multimedia components (video, lecture slides)
  • Polls

It should be noted that conditional access was granted to some of the learning material and upon completion of specific activities, more learning activities were released to the students. This scaffolded approach enables students to become familiar with specific layers of content and learning activities as they develop through a state of the ‘unknown’ to ‘known’.

Contact the CIECT Instructional Design team to design and develop interactive online Lessons.

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