Undergraduate Social Work students submit an ePortfolio as a summative assessment

Social Work lecturers consulted with the CIECT team regarding the use of a Google Application eTool, namely Google Sites and siteMaestro add-on.

Google Sites: ePortfolio templates were developed according to student year levels.

Google Sheets:  An online class-list was created by the CIECT team for each Supervisor.

siteMaestro Add-on: Allows the user to bulk-copy, share and manage ePortfolio templates within Google Sheet.  Each student receives a link to their ePortfolio via their student email.

This process of creating and sharing an ePortfolio template enables effective time-management, as the lecturer and Supervisor spends less time with administrative tasks (including locating and retrieving student emails; and related content for large groups of students).  Moreover, the lecturer and supervisor have more time to collaborate and reflect on the learning content and student development.

Summative assessment & continuous support: The CIECT team demonstrated how to develop their ePortfolios. In addition the team supports the students who visit the CIECT Offices to complete their ePortfolios. These portfolios serve as a summative assessment.

Contact the CIECT team to assist with the design and development of ePortfolios for student development.

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