Education Faculty: 3rd Year Mathematics students engage in ‘Take-Home Exam’

Lecturer Xoliswa Mbeleni (3rd year Mathematics/TMM 302) contacted the CIECT Team to set-up an online environment; especially for assessment purposes [Take-home Exam, Nov 2019].

Summative Assessment/ November 2019: Eighty (80) students will be engaged in the final year-end exam [commonly called “Take-home Exam”] – which can be taken remotely, by accessing iKamva’s Assignment eTool.

Alignment to Turnitin (Tii): The Final exam was also linked to Assignment the Turnitin (Tii) platform in order for the student to check similarity reports; especially as the assignment included the “knowledge of the subject-matter and pedagogical content”.

Rubric: The lecturer developed a rubric which guided the students’ final submissions.

The Instructional Designer (CIECT Team) consulted with the lecturer to ensure the following processes:

  • Discuss and apply the relevant setting for the  Take-home Exam
  • Link an Announcement to the Assessment
  • Define the parameters in relation to time-frames (test will automatically open & close accordingly)
  • Link  to Turnitin (Tii)
  • Quality assure (preview online exam prior to publishing online)

Contact the CIECT team to structure your formative and summative online assessment activities.

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