Education: 3rd Year Foundation Phase students develop and showcase ePortfolios (evidence of teaching practicals)

Lecturer Frances Wessels [BEd Foundation Phase, FPL 301] contacted the CIECT team to assist with the design and development of an Assessment. Her 3rd year students were expected to develop ePortfolios throughout the year; and present completed ePortfolios (October 2019).

Third year students (prospective Educators) developed ePortfolios, since 1st year level (2017). The ePortfolio includes evidence of:

  • Teaching practicals and observations within the field (specific schools);
  • Lesson plans and related activities;
  • Images reflective of class activities;
  • Other digital media components;
  • Signed consent forms;
  • Self-reflective exercises;
  • Teaching Philosophy;
  • Professional Development; and
  • Methodologies

Development of eBooks: During a specific field experience, the students were exposed to technologies which enabled them to create eBooks. Hence prospective Educators, whilst engaged within their classrooms, were able to capture events/topics and collate as an eBook. The eBooks were added to their ePortfolios.

Continuous Support for students: The CIECT team were also available to support the students, especially as they developed and structured their evidence.

Rubric: The lecturer provided a rubric which guided the students; and especially for preparation of the final presentation.

*It should be noted that the ePortfolio supplements the lecturer’s face-to-face classes.

Contact the CIECT Team to design and develop structured and interactive ePortfolios for Assessment Purposes.

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