Economics, Management & Entrepreneurship Blended Module: Interactive, structured environment for First-Year students

Lecturer Hilary Naidoo has created an interactive blended module for the first-year students engaged in the Introduction to the Economy and Business (IEB134) module. This module was created within the institutional Learning Management System – iKamva.

Lecturer Hilary has made use of various eTools to assist with the design, structure, and sharing of learning material.

‘Course Outline’ eTool: Enables the lecturer to structure important information related to the module content including: reading material, notional hours, assessment schedule, and also graduate attributes. The lecturer explicitly highlighted to the students how the learning content is aligned to specific graduate attributes.

‘Course Resources’ eTool: Weekly lectures and readings related to specific concepts such as managementeconomic growth4th Industrial Revolution and related economic terms were structured and shared with students on a weekly basis.

Pre-Reading: Students were required to engage in pre-reading in order to prepare for lectures.

Links – to specific and relevant economic-related websites were embedded in the ‘Lessons’ eTool. This enables the students to view and read the latest news feeds.

Group Assignment: Students were required to create and submit a group assignment. Students could identify one member to submit on behalf of the group.

Statistics’ eTool: Based on the statistics tool within the module, the ‘Course Resources’ eTool was accessed most frequently by students to view and retrieve related learning material.

Contact the CIECT team to design and develop your interactive blended and distance learning and teaching environments.


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