EMS ‘Fully-online’ Module: Distance learners make use of weekly podcasts for planning and reflection

Lecturers Lemay Quesada and Rodrique George, created podcasts for their weekly lessons (seven weeks) – within the ‘fully-online’ EMD 611 (Business Communication) module.

Podcasts were used to introduce weekly activities and expectations. Students from different geographical locations were able to listen to the recordings and prepare their weekly activities. At the end of each week the lecturers posted an additional reflective podcast, summarising the weekly activities which assisted students to reflect on their learning and progress.

Using podcasts in an online environment includes the following educational purposes:

  • The use of podcasts caters for various learning styles, especially the auditory learners;
  • Podcasts are great alternatives for delivering content or lessons to students who need remedial or extended support and;
  • Teachers can audio record (podcast) specific learning material for reinforcement and revision
  • Students are able to easily access and listen to podcasts from wherever they are, via their mobile devices.(https://www.educatorstechnology.com/2012/12/teachers-guide-on-use-of-podcasting-in.html)
Podcasts can be uploaded to iKamva via the ‘Podcast’ eTool, which can be enabled in the ‘Manage Tools’ section under ‘Site Info’. This will automatically create a folder under the ‘Course Resources’ where students can download the audio files. Podcasts and audio files can also be embedded within the ‘Lessons eTool’ (weekly topics).
Contact the CIECT team to design, develop and quality assure your blended and distance learning environments.

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