EMS ‘Fully-online’ Module: Distance learners engage in continuous and final online assessment

Lecturer Akhbar Khalfe, utilised the ‘question pools’ feature to develop a bank of online questions.  This formed part of his weekly continuous assessment activities for the ‘fully-online’, EMD 512 (Principles of Management and Business) module.

This feature allows students to complete online quizzes related to the specific topics that were presented each week. Students received results as they complete the online assessment quizzes.  The assessment activities reinforced learning and enabled students to engage with the content.

‘Question Pools’ refer to a defined collection of questions, and can be applied to a specific online test or quiz. Lecturers are able to set up a bank of questions and thereby define how many questions should be drawn from the question pool, in a specific assessment.

The feature also automatically randomises the bank of questions, per student. Hence, tests will differ slightly from one student to another.

In addition, multiple question pools can be created and drawn into one assessment through the use of parts/sections. This allows for tests that cover more than one topic or chapter, to be set up accordingly.  Furthermore, it also allows for the use of various question types within one specific test.

Akbar has made use of various question pools for the final examination which took place in the last week of the online module. Students were assessed on their overall competence related to the weekly thematic content, that is shared throughout the seven (7) week online module.

**The continuous and final assessment activities were conducted online [‘fully-online module’].

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