iKamva hosts eTools for summative assessments

The institutional Learning Management System, iKamva hosts various eTools that can be used for summative assessments across disciplines.

The Assignments and the Tests and Quizzes tools are most frequently used for this purpose. It can also be used to setup high weighted examinations.

  • The Assignmenttool enables lecturers to create an online exam to test the knowledge and skills students have attained throughout a specific semester. Lecturers can set-up a take-home exam which is active for a specific time-frame. Students are able to view the specific examination question and then conduct their research and apply their knowledge in order to answer the questions. Once students have completed their exam question/s they are able to submit their completed exam paper onto iKamva before the closing date.
  • The lecturer could also setup an online examination which will enable students to complete the specific exam as soon as they open the exam. Once students have completed the exams, lecturers are able to view and grade the examination without releasing the marks to the students.

In addition, the Tests and Quizzes eTool allows the setup of  an exam with different question types such as, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), True and False, Mix and Match and Fill-in the missing answer to name a few.

  • This eTool allows the examination to be structured and scaffolded. The examination can be restricted to a specific group for a limited time and is marked automatically.

The iKamva platform also consists of the Course Resources eTool which provides students with downloadable content; and the Announcement eTool for information sharing (from lecturer to students).

Summative assessment focuses on the evaluation of student learning, and is often referred to as “High-Stakes” assessments. Lecturers can set out milestone goals for their students and assess the students’ attained skills and knowledge via ‘mid-term’ examination.


Contact the CIECT team to structure your online assessment activities.

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