Law Lecturers: ‘Take-Home’ Examination (Case Study) – aligned to Turnitin (Tii) Report

The iKamva platform can be used to set up summative assessment activities, which allows students to submit their work accordingly.

Social Law Projects (SLP) academics and experts used iKamva’s Assigment eTool to set-up a “Take Home Exam” for Semester 1 Law students (PGL 711 & 712 respectively).

Students were provided with the following guidelines and information in order to submit a case study:

  • Bibliography and referencing style.
  • Questions provided with clear instructions and corresponding marks (100 marks in total).
  • Open and due dates for the assessment.
  • Basic Word formatting requirements (e.g: margins, font size and type, line spacing, alignment).
  • Number of words/word count (3000 words).

**The assessment was further linked to Turnitin and students were provided with a similarity report and allowed to resubmit up to 3 times before the due date.

Contact the CIECT team to structure your online assessment activities.

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