Education lecturer creates online ‘Take home exam’

The iKamva platform can be used to set up summative assessment activities via the Assignments eTool, which allows students to submit their work accordingly. In such an example, lecturer Khayelethu Hamana (EDC 413) has set up an online take home assessment for 2019 mid-year examination, whereby students needed to submit a research proposal.

The lecturer shared a rubric with the students which entailed the assessment criteria.

The assessment has been set up using the ‘iKamva-Turnitin integration’, and students were given sufficient time in order submit and edit accordingly for re-submission purposes.

The structure of the research proposal entailed the following:

  • Introduction and background to the study,
  • Statement of the research problem,
  • Research rationale and significance of the study,
  • Literature review, and
  • Research design and methodology.

Contact the CIECT team to structure your online assessment activities.

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