Did you know? ‘Tii Quick Mark Set’ – enables swift feedback

The Turnitin (Tii) Quick Mark Set enables lecturers to give feedback on student papers, submitted to Turnitin. Students are able to view and download the feedback via their Turnitin student profile.

The ‘Quick Mark Set’ makes use of preconfigured responses which can be adapted by the instructor to create more detailed responses.  The list below includes commonly used responses within the ‘Quick Mark Set’:

  • Awk. – Awkward sentence or phrase,
  • C/S – Comma Splice,
  • Citation Needed,
  • Commonly Confused Words,
  • Del. –Delete,
  • Improper Citation,
  • Insert: – Insert a word,
  • Missing”,” – Missing comma,
  • P/V; Passive Voice,
  • Run-on: – Run on sentence,
  • Sp. – Spelling Error,
  • Support: -Support Needed,
  • Vague: – Unclear statement or sentence,
  • WC: Word Choice Error,
  • Weak Transition.


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