Physics 111 students engage in ICT Skills development workshop

Physics Technical Officer, Ian Schroeder contacted the CIECT team in January 2019 to conceptualise the delivery of a customised ICT Skills development workshop for his Physics 111 students.

This workshop took place in March 2019 [three/3 Saturday sessions from 9h30-11h30]. CIECT in collaboration with Ian, customised the outline. The structured workshop included:

  • Introduction to computers
  • Introduction worksheet
  • Input data and constants
  • Processing worksheets
  • Data output

It should be noted that approximately 94 students voluntarily signed up for the workshop sessions.  A small group of the students had completed computer literacy (CAT) in school and therefore did not attend these sessions.

Due to lack of training lab space, Mr Schroeder suggested to explore the “pair programming” method where students share the workstation and work collaboratively.

“Pair programming helps students to learn essential soft skills like communication and collaboration, as it is crucial to be able to work in a team and to communicate and interact with other people in the industry” (T. Benadé et al, 2017).

This ICT skills development intervention has been planned to continue in Semester 2.

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