CHS Faculty: Mobile Application for Nursing Clinical Supervision (MANCS) Project

The Nursing Department in collaboration with CIECT designed and developed an application to enhance administrative and educational practices; especially Clinical Supervision.

Prof Hester Julie, Jeffrey Hoffman, Dr Juliana Willemse, Prof Jennifer Chipps & Delia Meyer – worked closely with the CIECT team to develop the Mobile Application for Nursing Clinical Supervision (MANCS).

The Software Development & Application team (within CIECT) focused on digitising the Nursing evaluation process for online data capturing (previously paper-based processes). The initial design and development phases were conducted during the period, June – December, 2017.  The team continuously updates and reviews the application, in collaboration with the Nursing Department (subject-matter experts).

MANCS development entails:

  • Application functionality (back-end code)
  • Additional feature requests
  • Digitisation of the skills evaluation forms
  • Re-design of the Graphical User Interface

This application entails core tools, namely: Clinical Supervision, Attendance, and Evaluation. These tools should enable the Clinical Supervisors to monitor student performance in their specific clinical environments.

Furthermore, a Nursing Supervisor should be able to capture and retrieve data. The application enables a Supervisor to search dynamically for reports by date, student or staff.

The conceptualisation, design and development phases led to the pilot phase, which commenced in 2018.  The MANCS pilot entailed the following:

  • 2018: Foundation 1, Foundation 2 and BNur1 – modules.
  • 2019: BNur2, BNur3, BNur4 – modules.


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