Educational Psychology lecturer demonstrates the use of emerging technologies to make learning more meaningful

Lecturer, Ronel Koch from the Education Faculty presented at CIECT’s 11th Annual eLearning Colloquium in 2018. Ronel’s presentation focused on the use of various emerging technologies within the classroom for a large number of 1st and 3rd year students. This teaching approach is aligned to the IOP (2016-2020), which highlights the use of technology to make learning more meaningful.  These emerging technologies include the use of:

  • iKamva whereby students are able to access resources and engage in eAssessment activities (MCQ tests and short-answer responses).  Classlists can be      downloaded and the statistic tool showcases students’ activity within the online environment. The Tests & Quizzes are especially popular as students appreciate the immediate results that MCQs provide,

  • Turnitin submissions that provide guidance to students on their academic writing,

  • Google Applications including email and calendar (for appointments) which enables communication and feedback with students. Google drive was used for sharing assessments with assessors.  

  • Kahoot! web application was used to increase interactive class activities.

Furthermore, the 3rd year prospective Teacher Educators (over 200 students) were required to design an ePortfolio as an assessment activity to document the learning activities and competencies; as well as the teaching methods they would use in their classes. The ePortfolios showcased the following:

  • Bio-sketch of student;

  • Showcase activities identifying student learning needs,

  • Understanding learners and their prior knowledge,

  • Creation of lesson plans, exam papers and year-planning.

The lecturer highlighted that this form of assessment forced students to become more proficient in their use of technology and incorporate their own voices in presentations. The student feedback indicated that although they were apprehensive at first, they felt that they had accomplished on a professional level. Furthermore, they were able to apply theoretical knowledge, which allowed them to think deeply about the content and how they present themselves.  One student even recommended the creation of ePortfolios as a method that must be “embedded within the education system”.

View the recorded presentation here:

Please contact CIECT to create your interactive online environments.​

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