CIECT advises Faculty Teaching and Learning Specialists on blended and distance learning practices and curriculum design

The Centre for Innovative Education and Communication Technologies (CIECT) Instructional Design team advises and supports both Faculty Teaching-and-Learning experts and lecturers to design and develop effective online environments. Lecturers attend scheduled workshops and consults Instructional Designers on the effective use of eTools within the institutional Learning Management System, iKamva. The Teaching-and-Learning Specialists also contact the CIECT team to seek advice around the interactive engagement within an online environment.

Hence, Teaching-and-Learning Specialists from Arts, Education and Dentistry Faculties have engage in the training workshops, consultations and advisory sessions- to familiarise themselves with the eTools and Personal Learning Environments (PLEs). Furthermore, the CIECT team focuses on the pedagogical value of the selection of eTools for learning and teaching purposes.

In addition, the CIECT team contributes to curriculum design whereby a Teaching-and-Learning specialist were advised around the development of an instructional strategy [alignment of outcomes, assessment activities, content and eTools]. This instructional strategy is applied to the design and development of an online environment and interactive guides. This example, specifically of collaboration with the Dentistry Faculty depicts the importance all stakeholders to work together from the start when designing and developing curriculum.

Support for the Teaching-and Learning Specialists by CIECT has extended to email, telephonic, face-to-face workshops and consultations. Furthermore, Teaching-and-Learning Specialists also collaborate with CIECT around special projects. These advisory and support interventions enable the Specialists to further advise the lecturers in alignment with their specific topics.

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