CIECT & Physics collaboration (vacation period): Students engage in computational modelling & eTools workshops

Physics lecturer Ian Schroeder and some of his first-year students presented at the 11th Annual eLearning Colloquium in 2018. During this presentation, the students and lecturer presented on their learning experiences obtained during the Computational Modelling workshops offered during the vacation period. These workshops also entailed engagement in an online environment.

Aligned to the 4th Industrial Revolution, the Physics Department piloted the interactive computational modelling workshops in the September and November vacation periods (2018), which focused on the semi-formal co-curricular experiences. Students applied to participate in the workshop and through a selection process was accepted into the Programme. During the 3 day workshop, students dealt with different problem-based scenarios. They were tasked with solving the specific problems by troubleshooting existing development code and developing their own code.

The workshop further included engagement within the online environment, iKamva. The online space was used by both the lecturer and students as it provided a structured space for the sharing of information as well as the development of reflective practices through blogging exercises.

In addition, the collaboration with CIECT enabled students to design and develop their ePortfolios. Students reflected on their accomplishments, competencies and eSkills attained – during the three day workshop.Watch the video showcasing the learning experiences shared by students and lecturer:

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