Digital Storytelling: Postgraduate Geography students create group digital stories reflecting on drought

Lecturer Suzanne Grenfell recently presented at CIECT’s 11th annual eLearning Colloquium. Her presentation was centred around a digital storytelling project which she initiated with Geography post-graduate students (Honours and Masters) in 2018.
This project formed part of a field trip to the Theewaterskloof Dam, whereby students could observe and document the effects of the drought experienced in the Western Cape last year. Students were then required to capture their findings, and present it in a digital video format.
Students were assigned into groups, consisting of both Masters and Honours students. The purpose of the group assignment ensured that the Masters students act as mentors for the other group.
Suzanne noted that students seemed to be comfortable working with technology, based on the quality of the content produced and also the level of independence displayed by students in finding their own means to produce the end product, in a digital format.
After the field trip, students had one week to produce the final product. A departmental seminar was held thereafter, in order for students to present their videos. The best videos were selected to be presented on the University website and can be viewed at
The lecturer noted that “students spoke about how much they enjoyed the technology, and indicated that they wished they had been able to use it more in their undergraduate studies”.

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