Did you know? ‘Markup’ Text feature – enables bulk question pool setup [text and numerical responses]

The term ‘Markup’ refers to the sequencing of characters or symbols inserted within a text or word processing file to describe the document’s logical structure; and how the file appears when printed or displayed.

You are able to setup online Tests & Quizzes within iKamva using the Markup Text method. This enables users to easily transfer an entire question paper formatted in this markup language, into a test or quiz. A basic template is provided within the Tests and Quizzes eTool to guide users with the creation of assessments using this method. You have the option of saving the assessment as a question bank or a single test. This saves time when creating online test environments, as questions and answers do not have to be authored individually.

The screenshot below illustrates the template when setting up a Markup Text assessment:

pasted image 0

Basic guidelines need to be adhered to when setting up this type of assessment. Instructions are available when inputting the information.
Reference: https://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/markup
Contact the CIECT team for assistance with the creation of a Markup Text assessment.

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