Digital Storytelling: Community eCentres

The CIECT team hosted the ‘Digital Inclusion: eCentre Management Training’ Programme in November 2018.  The Programme is a long-standing partnership between the Centre for Innovative Education and Communication Technologies (CIECT) of the University of the Western Cape, Cape Access (Western Cape Government), and the e-Inclusion and Social Innovation CoLab.

The programme (designed, developed and facilitated by CIECT) – is offered to eCentres within the Western Cape in urban, peri-urban and rural environments. It consists of a face-to-face workshop session, followed by a four week ‘online phase’.

The selected participants are from various locations around the Western Cape, who are employed as eCentre Managers within their Communities. Thus, during the programme, participants are introduced to various e-skills, software applications, and concepts regarding e-Centre management, which should enable them to effectively promote, market, and manage their eCentres within their respective communities.

Participants who engaged in the programme were also introduced to Digital Storytelling software and applications. They were expected to design and create digital stories depicting their specific community eCentre services. Hence, they attained eSkills and presentation skills which enabled them to market their respective eCentres. Moreover, they were expected to transfer skills to various target groups within their communities.

The Western Cape Government (Cape Access) – has requested that CIECT continues with the partnership and roll-out of this specific Programme due to feedback from the community leaders.

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