School of Government (SOG): Online environment for Masters Admission Test

School of Government (SOG) lecturers, Lance Scheepers, Profs Gregory Ruiters, and John Williams made use of iKamva to set up an admission test for prospective Masters students. An online environment was created, namely SOG Masters Entrance Assignment.

The prospective students included current UWC students, as well as external students from different geographical areas. The department contacted CIECT to assist with the creation of student accounts for external users. The account details were shared with the lecturers who communicated with all students. These students were enrolled into the online environment and were able to familiarise themselves with the platform prior to the entry assessment.

Students received communication regarding the entry assessment details via the Announcement eTool. This communication was also sent to their private email accounts. A reading was shared with the students within the Course Resources which they could download and read, prior to the test.

The entry assessment was created within the Tests and Quizzes eTool and the short answer/essay question type was selected. The students were required to engage in the timed assessment for three hours and thirty minutes, from any geographical location. Prospective students were able to engage in the online admissions test within iKamva, which was designed to test their reading, writing, paraphrasing, grammar and comprehension skills. The test questions were based on the article that was shared via prior communication. The lecturers were able to mark the students’ submissions offline, by exporting the student responses. The system also allows lecturers to mark the submissions online and release the marks to students at a specific time.

Lecturers are encouraged to attend and commit to the design workshops, hosted by the CIECT team. Please contact the CIECT team to explore the possibilities that exist within an online environment aligned to your discipline.

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