CHS Faculty: Physiotherapy – Online Gradebook & Digital Resources

Physiotherapy lecturer, Blake Boggenpoel, has created a blended-learning environment within the iKamva platform, for 1st year PHT 111 students. Some of the focal points of this introductory module includes “scientific terminology used in Physiotherapy”; and “introducing principles of observing normal and abnormal postures and gait”.

The online environment makes use of eTools such as Lessons, Course Resources, and Gradebook, in order to supplement face-to-face teaching and learning practices.

Gradebook captures class-attendance rates: Student intervention

The lecturer has utilised the Gradebook eTool in order to capture class attendance. Thus, Gradebook ‘items’ have been created for each lecture throughout the duration of the course. Furthermore, students are assigned ‘one point’ – for each lecture they attend. The Gradebook is able to auto-calculate grades, hence the lecturer and students are easily able to view the attendance rates, and intervene accordingly if necessary.

Content: Digital resources and student participation

Digital learning material such as journal articles, lecture presentations, and videos has been made available in the Course Resources tool. Hence students have more opportunity to engage with concepts and topics discussed in face-to-face classes. Furthermore, the lecturer has made use of the Lessons eTool, which links to YouTube videos highlighting the various anatomical structures and their functions in relation to Physiotherapy. Multimedia components such as video and audio can keep students engaged, and also allow students to learn at their own pace if needed. This can also assist when face-to-face class time is limited and students need to engage in self-directed learning.

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