CHS Faculty: Psychology – Online Assessment for a large group of students

Lecturer, Thelma Fennie has engaged in a blended learning environment to supplement learning, teaching and assessment practices for 1st year students (PSY 123). The lecturer makes use of the online space to support traditional practices (lectures and tutorials) by making use of eTools, specifically, Course Resources and Tests & Quizzes

Course Resources eTool: Academic Activities & Administrative Processes

The lecturer made use of the Course Resources eTool to structure weekly lectures in an orderly manner. The teaching material consisted of: PowerPoint presentations, articles and videos. By making use of the different multimedia within the teaching approach, students benefits from the audio and visual presentation of the lectures. Students have the opportunity to ensure mastery of the learning material through different methods of engagement, which extends beyond the classroom.

In addition, a semester timetable with lecture venues was shared timeously with students, including contact details and consultation times of the lecturer and tutors. Furthermore, the lecturer also shared resources such as:exams papers, rules and regulations, special exams and take home exams processes.

Formative Assessment: Online Term Test

A term test was conducted making use of the Tests & Quizzes eTool. The students were expected to engage in an online term test which consisted of 50 questions. These questions were designed to test students’ knowledge and skills that have been acquired through lectures, tutorials and self-directed learning.  Students had one (1) hour to complete the entire test, which could be accessed for a period of one week. Grades were released after the closing date.

**Note: A number of 1154 students engaged in the test. Online tests are useful to lecturers when assessing large groups of students, as the marking process can be automated through the use of question types such asMultiple-Choice, True & False and Matching.

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