Live video interactive tool integrated within iKamva for teaching and learning practices

CIECT has engaged in extensive exploration in order to identify a live video conferencing tool. We have identified BigBlueButton which can be integrated within iKamva (academic modules). This video conferencing tool enables video streaming and interactive engagements. Lecturers and student are able to:

·         engage in live interactive video lectures;

·         listen to audio slides and live chats;

·         view the lecturer’s shared desktop; and

·         view recorded video lecture sessions.

Additional features allow lecturers to:

·         moderate and control student interactions;

·         upload and present their lectures (Pdfs, PowerPoint slides);

·         use annotation features on live presentations and documents; and

·         highlight key sections within a document/article.

These features can be used in various disciplines across faculties. Students can view the recorded videos at a later stage which assists with the reinforcement of learning.

CIECT will invite you to engage in hands-on workshops where these features and functionalities will be showcased and explored. During these sessions you will be able to setup the live video lecture and further engage with the eTools.

These workshops will be marketed and conducted in October 2018. You will be able to book for these sessions on the iEnabler system.

View video here :

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