Arts Faculty: LIS – Online Environment Supports Learning, Teaching and Assessment

Library and Information Science lecturer, Sandra Zinn implemented a blended learning approach to supplement learning, teaching and assessment practices for 4th year students (INF 411). The module aims to provide students with “insight into aspects of information and communication technologies (ICTs) that will prepare [them] for the world of work in the field of information science”.

structured online environment was created within iKamva for students to access from various geographical locations to support face-to-face lectures and tutorials. The environment aimed to supplement learning outcomes by scaffolding learning material and conducting online assessments.

Scaffolding Approach: Reinforcement & Self-directed Learning

The Lessons eTool was used to scaffold the themes of the module, these included themes such as: Social Media; Mobile Web; Open Access; Digital Library; and Net NeutralityEach theme consisted of various concepts which included a range of presentations, articles and websites. Scaffolding is used to assist in assimilation as well as reinforce face-to-face lectures.  In addition, scaffolding enables self-directed learning and may promote engagement in lectures.  Through an enhanced understanding of content, learners will be able to better prepare and complete formative and summative assessments.

Online Assessment

The Assignments eTool was used as a space for students to receive instructions and upload their specific assessments. Six (6) assessments were developed which included tutorial exercises, literature review, draft essay, and their completed essay. Furthermore, the Announcement eTool was used to communicate with students regarding their assessments as a reminder to upload.

**The lecturer also embedded an Arts Faculty referencing booklet to assist with academic writing (paraphrasing and referencing techniques).

Lecturers are encouraged to attend and commit to the design workshops, hosted by the CIECT team. Please contact the CIECT team to explore the possibilities that exist within an online environment aligned to your discipline.

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