Arts Faculty/Linguistics: Content Creation, Online Assessment and Tutorial Preparation

Linguistics lecturers, Amiena Peck, Rivalani Maluleke, and Mooniq Shaaikje co-lectured a 1st semester module (LCS 111). The lecturers used the iKamva platform to create an interactive blended approach for teaching, learning and assessment – for 830 registered students.

Various eTools enabled lecturers and students to receive an authentic experience. The lecturers created content, conducted online assessments and shared weekly tutorial preparations.

Content creation

The lecturers created content and shared it using the Course Resources eTool which enabled the lecturers to provide lecture slides that assisted students to reinforce important content. In addition, podcasts were recorded during lectures for students to support different learning styles.

Furthermore, articles were provided to help students prepare and engage with the content for discussions in lectures and tutorials. These materials could be downloaded, allowing students to listen to the podcasts and read materials offline.

Online Assessment

Using the Tests & Quizzes eTool, students were expected to engage in a formative semester test. This allowed lecturers and students to gauge an understanding of knowledge acquired by students.

In addition, the lecturers conducted course evaluations, namely: early course; mid –course; and end of course online surveys This was used as a technique to evaluate aspects such as student’s context of living, expectations of course, and how students felt about the course.

Tutorial preparations

Each week students were provided with a PowerPoint presentation, depicting clear expectations with regards to the tutorials. Hence, students were able to prepare readings, written responses and tasks.


Communication is a vital aspect in an online environment and also promotes transparency. Hence, the Announcement eTool was used extensively for the purpose of tutorials, assessments, consultations, examinations information as well as supplementary examinations.

Lecturers are encouraged to attend and commit to the design workshops, hosted by the CIECT team. Please contact the CIECT team to explore the possibilities that exist within an online environment, aligned to your discipline.

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