Arts Faculty: Online tutorials, lectures and surveys – assist with planning learning activities

Lecturers, Bradley Rink and Mark Boekstein jointly taught a 2nd year module for Tourism 223 during the first semester. The module incorporated a blended learning environment to supplement an interactive teaching, learning and assessment practices.

The use of various eTools within the iKamva platform was used and included the embedding of external materials. These materials enabled the lecturers tosupport face-to-face and online lectures and tutorials.

The Lessons eTool was used to provide students with an opportunity to engage in online lectures and tutorials. The online space was used – not to replace, but to assist in the preparation and reinforcement of face-to-face lectures:

Online lectures

This space was scaffolded in a format where students were expected to engage in an article, followed by an embedded lecture video. This was followed by a topic within Discussion Forum. The embedded videos were recorded by lecturer Bradley Rink and uploaded to YouTube.

Online tutorials

This space was used specifically for Tutorials 1 and 3. Both tutorials were linked to Google Forms. In Tutorial 3, the students were expected to engage in a survey, by answering the following question: “Describe the photo used, and how it represents the socio-cultural, environmental, and/or economic impacts of tourism”. This allowed the lecturers to receive feedback from the students.

Online Survey

The lecturer created another survey, in order to gain information with regards to the students’ access to technology; their home-language; and their geographical locations. This information was used to prepare and plan the learning activities as well as teaching and learning research.

In addition, the Course Resources eTool was structured into various folders such as: assignment resources; lecture summaries; readings; and videos.

Lecturers are encouraged to attend and commit to the design workshops, hosted by the CIECT team. Please contact the CIECT team to explore the possibilities that exist within an online environment aligned to your discipline.

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