Information Systems lecturer, Fazlyn Petersen made use of various eTools within the iKamva platform to supplement teaching-and-learning practices (IFS 361, Semester 1). The online environment includes:

Asynchronous engagement

The Discussion Forum eTool was used to set up various topics enabling students to post responses to questions. These include questions such as ‘What impact did competition have on your strategy? Did it cause you to make changes? If not, why not?’ This particular question received 308 responses from students; while other topics also received over 200 responses. These topics were aligned to assignments and coursework, allowing peer-engagement; as well student-lecturer communication.


Synchronous communication

The Chat Room eTool was used to communicate in real-time to reinforce peer-engagement; and clarify individual and group assignments.

Structured learning material

Students were provided with assessment resources, videos, revision notes, lecture notes/slides (structured into weeks), and reference material in order to thoroughly prepare for lectures; assignments; and examinations. The structured learning material, within the Course Resources eTool allows for flexible accessibility.

Embedded simulation to make learning fun

The lecturer embedded a business video game simulation (view screenshot below). This innovative teaching practice provides students with the opportunity to enjoy their learning experience; and obtain the required knowledge.


Please contact the CIECT team to assist with the effective design and development of your online environment and the further explore the possibilities that exist.

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