EMS, Accounting 113: Creative and Blended Learning Approach to Support 1st Yr Students

Lecturer, Asgari Khan has utilised a blending learning approach to cater for the different learning styles of her students.

The module includes a variety of digital media components, as well as weekly formative assessments and class tests to engage students, and prepare them for examinations. Students are able to view resources, peruse relevant videos and download the learning material from iKamva for offline access.

The Announcements eTool was used in order to communicate important information to students relating to examination preparation, lecture material, assessment results and consultations.  In addition, the students were able to prepare for the upcoming examinations with revision questions, which were attached to the announcements.

Furthermore, the lecturer organised a range of learning resources for the students. The Course Resources eTool was well-organised into a number of sections including:Administration, Class Test, Homework, Lectures, PowerPoints, Tutorials, & YouTube Videos. Students were given weekly homework tasks to submit before coming to class, and were sent weekly reminders regarding the submission of these homework tasks. Students were also informed regarding topics and activities to expect for the upcoming week.

YouTube and Social Media to reinforce learning

The lecturer used social media to support facilitation. A WhatsApp group was created in order to assist students with exam preparation. The group was only available for a limited time prior to the examination, and students were provided with a link to join. The WhatsApp group included the lecturer as well as Tutors. Students were encouraged to use this space in order to pose any questions or concerns they have regarding module content and the examination. The use of a WhatsApp group can be highly beneficial in an educational setting, as it makes use of real-time communication to facilitate learning and resolve any learning difficulties the student may have.

In addition, the lecturer used the YouTube platform to create a channel and upload videos for students, aligned to topics covered in this module. This gave the students the opportunity to engage with the content in a variety of ways; and to reinforce learning. In addition, the lecturer’s channel assists students who struggle to grasp the concepts and topics discussed in the classroom.

Lecturers are encouraged to attend and commit to the design workshops, hosted by the CIECT team.  It is important for lecturers to focus on the effective design and development of interactive online environments; and not mere dissemination of notes and lecture slides.

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