EMS: Blended Learning Approach to Support 2nd Accounting Students

Lecturer, Lydia Uys is currently making use of the iKamva platform to supplement a year module, for Accounting 2nd year students. The online module consists of two lectures per week encompassing both a theoretical and practical lecture. The lecturer has adopted a blended teaching and learning approach. Hence, the lectures are supported by a range of online interventions, namely: the creation of screencasts aligned to practical assignments; the reinforcement of content; assessment; communication; and resource distribution.

Creation of screencasts aligned to practical assignments

The lecturer makes an effort to create screencasts aligned to each practical assignment.

Reinforcement: Previous question papers

Students are provided with past question papers and memorandums, enabling them to test their knowledge – by completing previous questions and comparing their answers.

**These resources aim to reinforce content taught and to ensure that learning outcomes are met as well as to prepare students for formative and summative assessments.


Students are expected to engage in formative online assessments.  During Semester 1, the students completed a number of six (6) online tests.

**The iKamva platform allows for a range of question types; which assists in the effective design of online tests and aims to assist in acquiring higher order thinking and problem solving skills. 



The Announcements eTool is used extensively for communication related to: study materialassignmentstest venues and test results.

**Announcements are sent directly to students email accounts which enables lecturers and students to avoid confusion and provide transparency in the classroom; which is critical in order to promote a productive and effective course delivery.

Resource distribution

The lecturer distributes a variety of resources, structured within the Course Resources eTool, Admin, Assessment, Theory, Practical and Chapters. These are shared and clearly organised – allowing students to navigate resources with ease. These folders consist of relevant learning materials, such as videos, class notes, manuals and solutions.

Lecturers are encouraged to attend and commit to the design workshops, hosted by the CIECT team.

**It is important for lecturers to focus on the effective design and development of interactive online environments; and not mere dissemination of notes and lecture slides.

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