EED (Law): ePortfolios for student development and tutor monitoring & tracking

Lecturer Mahmoud Patel [Module Coordinator, English for Educational Development (EED)], has incorporated the use of ePortfolios for teaching-and-learning purposes, specifically for Law students.  He contacted the CIECT team to assist with the implementation phases of this large-scale student development project (conceptualisation to delivery). In addition, the students received the necessary training and actively engaged in the delivery of nineteen (19) ePortfolio workshops.

The CIECT team collaborated with Mahmoud to design and develop an ePortfolio template, according to the specific needs of the course. This predefined template contained a specific structure, with relevant sections and sub-sections. Furthermore, the template was used to mass-generate ePortfolios for a large group (between 500-600 students). This predefined structure enabled students to embed documents and images related to discipline specific tasks. It also simplified the evaluation process for the lecturer and tutors; and conformity was ensured across all ePortfolios.

The ePortfolio is currently being used for formative assessment purposes; and the monitoring-and-tracking of students’ development and competencies over a period of time. The ePortfolio also allows students to reflect on their progress and take ownership of their learning.

The tutors within the programme are able to continuously monitor and assess their specific groups of students; and advise with regards to submissions.

The CIECT team planned in advance for this large-scale student project, which included logistics related to venues and tutoring time-slots. The Computer Lab was booked in advance for a 3 week period.

ePortfolio student workshops entailed:

  • Access and view structure – main-pages: Introduction, Lecture tasks, Tutorial tasks, Assessments and Self-initiated pieces;
  •  Insert content and text:

o   Embed multimedia components,

o   Share links,

o   Embed evidence from Google Drive, and

o   Share ePortfolio with tutors.

**It should be noted that lecturers within the Dentistry, Dietetics, Social Work, and Pharmacy Departments have also made use of ePortfolio development for their respective students across year levels.

Please contact the CIECT team to assist with the effective design and development of ePortfolios for teaching-and-learning.

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