Science Faculty: Blended Teaching-and-Learning practices across disciplines

A total number of 197 blended learning environments were created across disciplines, within the Science Faculty. These environments have enabled students to access various learning material such as lecture slidesreadingspast exam papers and links to YouTube videos. In addition, students receive communication from lecturers via the announcement tool.

Various lecturers in the Faculty have incorporated the use of weekly tutorial quizzes within the Tests & Quizzes eTool, which forms part of the formative assessment component. These tutorials enable students to monitor their weekly progress and enhance self-directed learning.

A number of modules require students to perform practical tasks such as lab experiments. These were supplemented with instructional sheets, as well as videos. Practicals were reinforced through the use of video demonstrations. Students were able to access the learning material, prior to attending class sessions.

Lecturers also conducted their Course Evaluations via iKamva, through the Tests & Quizzes eTool. This mode of delivery also reduced the administrative load, whereby lecturers were able to easily retrieve collated student information, in ‘real-time’.

The Lessons eTool was effectively used for a Computer Science Honours module.  Students attended weekly seminars hosted by various guest lecturers. Furthermore, the structure included readings related to the weekly seminars. In addition, students were expected to complete weekly assignments, which entailed a constructive summary.

Lecturers are encouraged to attend and commit to the design workshops, hosted by the CIECT team. It is important for lecturers to focus on the effective design and development of interactive online environments; and not mere dissemination of notes and lecture slides.

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