Law Faculty: Blended learning and teaching to support traditional practices

Lecturers across departments in the Law Faculty have created a total of 86 blended learning environments, for the academic year, 2017.  Lecturers make use of various content, communication, and assessment eTools within the iKamva platform. These include:

Announcements: Lecturers and tutors relay pertinent course information to students.

Course ResourcesStructured into weekly folders containing documents, journal articles, PowerPoint presentations and other information relevant to weekly lectures.

Tests & Quizzes: Lecturers have made use of a number of question types as part of their formative assessment such as Multiple Choice, True/False and Short Answer/Essay type questions.

In addition, these question types have been used to create weekly ‘eTutorials’, consisting of a question banks.  Each eTutorial entails specific time-frames, topics and assigned marks. These ensure that students consistently engage with and reflect on topics and concepts covered during face-to-face classes.

Some lecturers have also included Podcasts within their blended learning environments. These audio-recordings expand on topics covered during face-to-face lectures and aim to further reinforce students’ understanding of course content. These podcasts can be downloaded and listened to through a PC or mobile devices from any location.  A variety of multimedia content also ensures that the different learning styles of students are taken into account.

Lecturers are encouraged to attend and commit to the design workshops, hosted by the CIECT team. It is important for lecturers to focus on the effective design and development of interactive online environments; and not mere dissemination of notes and lecture slides.

Please contact the CIECT team to assist with the effective design and development of your online environment.

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