Dentistry Faculty: Blended learning & teaching practices across disciplines

Lecturers across the Dentistry Faculty have created 63 online modules during the 2017 academic year. Dentistry lecturers contacted the CIECT team to assist with the selection of eTools; and the design and development of their online environments.

eAssessments were designed and developed for formative assessments within various undergraduate modules.  The ‘Tests and Quizzes’ is a popular eTool, as it enables the use of different question types.  In turn, various tests (making use of these question types) were set-up, to reinforce knowledge; and assess competencies and skills acquired. *It should be noted that the CIECT team is often requested to assist with the monitoring of online controlled tests (students seated within specific venues, such as pre-clinical lab settings).

Lecturers have also embedded related video clips, in order for students to view practical examples. These aim to assist with reinforcement and preparation for tests and practical tasks.

In addition students were able to access structured learning material (text and digital media components) – within the ‘Course Resources’ eTool.  This eTool is also used effectively for co-lecturing purposes (lecturers across disciplines, teaching collaboratively in a particular module).

The Expanded Functions Course 2, is a multi-modal short course offered to practicing Oral Hygienists. This blended course was created within the iKamva platform and used to disseminate learning material. In addition, students also actively engaged with various activities. *Pre-reading material was shared online, two weeks prior to the start of the course.  Hence, participants were expected to engage with reading material prior to the 5 day face-to-face course. The students engaged in group discussions related to various topics. Thereafter, they proceeded to the clinical laboratories to apply the theory, within the practical sessions. **It should be noted that this course also enabled Professionals, to attain Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points.

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