CHS Faculty: Blended learning & teaching practices across disciplines

The CHS Faculty has created a total number of 277 online modules within the iKamva platform, in the 2017 academic year.

Lecturers teaching the Post-Graduate Programme in Nursing Education, as well as Undergraduate modules for Social Work and Dietetics, made use ofePortfolios. The students were able to apply the eSkills in order to embed and share digital components (evidence) related to their competencies achieved.

The Announcement tool has been used across disciplines to keep students updated on administrative and content related tasks and activities.

Various assessments, specifically class and group assignments were structured online for student submissions.  The Tests & Quizzes eTool has been used across disciplines for formative as well as summative assessments.

The Discussion Forum was used as a communication tool for group engagement, supervision activities and overall class discussions.  In addition, Tutors in the Psychology Department have made use of the Discussion Forum as a means of assisting students who have queries related to course content. Posts in the discussion forum are visible to all students.  Hence, students registered for this module were able to view and respond to the questions.  The platform thereforeencouraged peer-to-peer interaction.

Furthermore, an eDocumentation web-based system was designed and developed by CIECT, in collaboration with the Nursing Department – to enable Clinical Supervisors to monitor and capture student activities. This project is still in progress. The Supervisors were also introduced to communication and assessments activities within their online environments (iKamva), in order to monitor students engaged in fieldwork activities at different placements.

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