EMS Faculty: Online Formative Assessment, Resources and Discussions – Preparation for Summative Assessment

Lecturer, Shaun Pather and Teaching Assistant, Stephen Kyakulumbye have made use of a blended teaching and learning approach for the 2nd year IFS module. The iKamva platform was used in conjunction with face-to-face lectures and tutorials toextend the classroom and assist with authentic learning.

The effective use of a combination of eTools enables students to prepare for the summative assessment. Hence, the online space was designed and organised in the following manner:

Online Assessment

The course incorporates various forms of assessments which include 4 mini tests, a class test, an individual essay, a major group project and tutorial submissions. These assessments were made available using the ‘Tests & Quizzes’ and ‘Assignment’ eTools.  These assessments are directly aligned to the course outcomes and forms part of the final mark.

**Note: Online assessment allows students and lecturers to monitor student progress & development; and assists in consolidating students’ understanding.

Preparatory online resources and discussions

The ‘Course Resources’ eTool has been organised into weekly categories and entails readings, lecture slides and links to relevant videos. In addition, students were given access to a textbook as well as a document containing a case-study for a ‘sit down test’, which was also conducted online. 

**Note: Providing access to resources prior to lectures ensure that students are prepared and able to effectively engage in class discussions and content. It also provides guidance in relation to preparing for specific assessment tasks.

Furthermore, the ‘Discussion Forum’ was used to allocate group work topics, and various questions were shared within the groups.  Each group posted responses accordingly and the lecturer was able to view and provide feedback.

**Note: Students are able to start their own discussions on the platform.  This enables the lecturers and students to engage and add comments. This eTool can also be setup for assessment activities.

Contact the CIECT Team to assist with the design and development of formative and summative assessments within your online environment.

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