Nursing Postgraduate students submit ePortfolios – final examination

School of Nursing lecturer, Katlego Mthimunye contacted the CIECT team to assist with the creation of ePortfolios for Postgraduate Nursing Education students.  The students were expected to design and development of an ePortfolio – for the submission of a summative assessment task (semester 2, 2017).

The students received an ePortfolio template that assisted them with the development of the final assessment task. It should be noted that the Nursing students (working adult learners) – were able to develop ePortfolios (with embedded evidence); and submit from various geographical settings.

The ePortfolio was divided into various sections, namely: Teaching and Learning Philosophy; Teaching and Learning Activities (included lesson plans, as well as peer and self-assessments);Reflective Practices (students were required to reflect on theory and clinical practice lessons, as well as reflect on the module and overall programme); and Evaluations.

The students also received training (face-to-face) before the final submissions which enabled them to:

–          Access and view structure (main and sub-pages)
–          Insert content and text,
–          Embed multimedia components,
–          Share links,
–          Embed evidence from Google Drive, and
–          Share ePortfolio with assessor/s.

**In addition the students were provided with instructional material (for self-directed learning) – which further provided guidance with regards to the completion and submission of the summative assessment task.

The design and development of an ePortfolio concurs with the work of Meeus, Questier and Derks (2006:136) – highlighting flexible assessment practices which enables authentic learning processes. The authors emphasise that: “ The student wants to use [a] portfolio to show his/her competence” and that “in the first place competencies are rooted in practical situations, also known as ‘authentic contexts’, and are linked to the professional practice for which the student is being trained”.

Contact the CIECT team to assist and guide with the implementation of an ePortfolio for both formative and summative assessment purposes.

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