Computer Science: eTools to Support Learning, Teaching and Assessment for Post-Graduates

Lecturer Bill Tucker, along with Tigist Hussen (Tutor/Teaching Assistant) – have been making use of various eTools within the iKamva platform to supplement learning, teaching and assessment practices for their COS 793 Honours students. This course introduces “theory, domains and critique of information and communication technologies for development (ICT4D)”. The module incorporates the use of eTools namely, Course Resources, Lessons, Discussion Forum, Weekly Assignments and theGradebook.

These eTools are used to assist with the iterationassimilation, consolidation for student learning and to extend learning:

Blended learning and teaching resources

The Course Resources and Lessons eTools are used to distribute readings, articles and lecture slides that are organised into weekly seminars, hosted by various guest lecturers. Students are expected to read these articles prior to attending lectures/seminars in order to effectively engage in class discussions. In addition, the Discussion Forum is used as a space where resources such as books and journal articles are shared with students.

Weekly assessments

This module is based on continuous assessment, incorporating both face-to-face (traditional) and online assessments; including individual assignments, participation in class, practicals, papers and presentations. Students are required to complete weekly assignments and submit online – these assignments are related to concepts and topics discussed in class. These assessments are graded online and students are provided with constructive feedback.

**Note: The Gradebook allows lecturers to store and distribute grades to students as well as retrieve and automatically calculate course marks based on weighting of each assessment.

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