Mathematics Department: eTools to Support Lectures, Tutorials and Assessment

The Mathematics Department recently contacted the CIECT team to discuss the use of various eTools within the iKamva platform for their 1st year students.  The recent upgrade to iKamva supports the incorporation of LaTex markup language, which enables lecturers to make use of mathematical and scientific notation within the Test & Quizzes eTool.


Lecturer Jon Swanepoel has used this opportunity by integrating this functionality – to assist in formative assessments. These assessments consist of weekly online tutorial tasks whereby students are required to solve various equations and mathematical problems. These tasks aim to consolidate students’ understanding of content and to monitor their progress.


Furthermore, Fatiema Karriem and Leila Adams are making use of eTools within iKamva to supplement their teaching practices. These eTools were used for:


 Content distribution:

–          Lecture notes

–          Revision notes

–          External resources (e.g. MATLAB)

 Online assessment purposes:

–          Practical tasks

–          Assignments & Quizzes

–          Worksheets


These eTools are used in conjunction with face-to-face lectures and aim to assist in assimilation and reinforcement of knowledge and skills required of the students.


Contact the CIECT Team to create a blended teaching-and-learning environment which supports your teaching practices.


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