Education Faculty: eTools to Support Prospective Educators

Lecturer, Zainoenisa Allie made use of various eTools within iKamva to supplement her teaching practices for 3rd year Method of General Science(GSM 301) students. The module focuses on equipping students with skills and knowledge to become a Senior Phase Educator (Grades 7-9).

The lecturer has made use of the Course Resources, Lessons, Tests & Quizzes and Dropbox eTools for teaching, learning and assessment purposes.

Preparatory resources and reflective lesson space:

The lecturer created a structured space to provide students with resources to assist in the preparation for their compulsory micro-teaching andteaching practical. These freeware resources included Siyavula Science textbooks for Grades 7-9. In addition, the students were given access to Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) and referencing guides for assignments.

Subsequent to the micro-teaching, students were required to engage in self-evaluation and peer evaluation activities. The Lessons eTool was used as a reflective space where students could provide the lecturer and their peers with this feedback.

Online assessment spaces:

The online test consisted of 29 multiple choice questions (MCQs), some of which required a student to provide a rationale for specific answers. The test incorporated negative marking of 0.5 points per incorrect answer.  Students were also provided with a data sheet and could use a non-programmable calculator.

Furthermore, students were required to complete an online evaluation of the test which provided the lecturer with an understanding of students’ experiences and their expectations. **The lecturer arranged for this online test to be conducted in a controlled environment on campus.

Moreover, students were expected to submit an assignment in their Dropbox folder on iKamva. The Dropbox eTool automatically creates a folder for each student allowing for sharing of documents between the student and lecturer.

The implementation of these eTools contributes to an interactive blended learning environment and assists students in preparation for assessment and teaching practicals.

Contact the CIECT Team to create a blended teaching-and-learning environment which supports your teaching practices.

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