Nursing: Summative assessment – alignment with formative class and online assessment

Lecturers Delphine Sih and Jennifer Cornelissen makes use of the iKamva platform to support 46, Health, Development and Primary Health Care[HDP116] – Nursing students.


Formative and summative assessments were designed and developed, making use of eAssessment tools within iKamva.


Formative Assessment space:

Students were expected to complete an individual assignment. This assignment was developed and placed within iKamva, with clear instructions and expectations. In addition, a rubric was developed to guide student writing and improve the quality, focus and attention of the assignment. The rubric included the structure/outline of the assignment, as well as the mark allocation for each section.


Furthermore, the lecturer and students also engaged in other formative assessments such as class presentations, a class test and a group assignment.


Summative Assessment space:

The final examination was designed within the iKamva platform through the use of various question types. The exam was divided into four (4) sections and included, Matching and Short Answer/Essay type questions. Students were expected to list, describe, define and explain variousconcepts and models linked to the discipline; consisting of different mark allocations.


**Prior to the online exam, the lecturer also shared past question papers to assist students with preparation and revision.


Contact the CIECT Team to assist in the design and development of formative and summative assessments within your online environment.

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